Itto or Hutao? Which One is Better to Play in 2023

Itto or Hutao? Which One is Better to Play in 2023 - Genshin Impact

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Lots of players are saving the primogems for the future characters. Hutao will come in Genshin 2.2 second Half, and Arataki Itto will join us in Version 2.3 Second Half. Which one is worth playing? Arataki Itto or Hutao? Here are some personal views of pulling these two characters. 

For the new players

If you are new in Genshin Impact, it is better to get Itto. Hutao can deal with the higher DPS if she's in C1.

If you don't have enough Primogems and cannot make Hutao in constellation 1, please don't pull her. Build your other 4-star characters (Xiangling, Bennet, etc.) first, they will be useful in the dungeon and Spiral Abyss.

If you have enough Primos, it is nice that you pull Hutao in C1. 

For the old players and who have played for a long while

If you have enough characters and just want to collect one, I prefer Itto. Itto is a new character, he will be good in the coming content. 

Itto is good in the Geo Party. So pulling Itto is better than pulling Hutao.

What's more, there are more Characters that will come in the future. Especially Yae Miko, Yaoyao, Baizhu.

If you have already had a Geo party and some main DPS, saving your primos, don't pull Hutao and Itto.

For the Hutao's Lover

She's cute, why not get one? Maybe you will have the luck to get her in C2 in 10 pulls. Which you luck, travelers. 😉

For Itto's Lover

He will be strong and powerful in the team. Zhongli, Noelle, and Albedo, are all working for him. Go, get one!

At the end, I just want to say, pulling whom depends on your primogems, good luck, friends.


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