Is Yunjin a Main DPS? Can We Build Yunjin as a Main DPS?

Is Yunjin a Main DPS? Can We Build Yunjin as a Main DPS? - Genshin Impact

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As another 4 stars Geo character in Liyue, Yunjin has high attention from the players. Let's see if we can build Yunjin as the main DPS in the team.

Can Yunjin Be a Main DPS?

According to the Game Character setting, the answer is no. She is a Supporter like Thoma in-game, which means we need her Elemental Skill and her Elemental Burst.  BUT Yunjin could become the main DPS in the team. 

Yunjin's Normal Attack can not deal with the Geo Damage. Her Normal Attack is based on her ATK. Yunjin's Elemental skill and Elemental Burst are based on her Defence. 

How to Build Yunjin?

If the travelers want to build Yunjin as a Main DPS, one of the most important things is to make her stay in the battle longer. 

However, if we only build her ATK, we will lose her shield, normal attack, and elemental skills' additional damage. So we need to build her Defense and Attack at the same time. 

For the free-to-play players, it is a little bit hard to build her as a main DPS. At least you need a hight ATK Weapon and high DEF Artifacts with Physical DMG Bonos.

In summary, Yunjin is not so good to be a main DPS in the team. It is better to use the time, moras, resins, and money to build the other five stars character.

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