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Hello, travelers. I am Koeni. After the Official Special Programm, Let's see how many primos we can get in patch 2.4. I separate the First Half and Second half Event Banners' calculation. Hope it could be helpful for you.

The 2.4 will last 6 weeks. Shenhe and Xiao come first. Zhongli and Ganyu will be in the 2nd half.
We can obtain the Primogems from Daily quests.

In 2.4, we will have a  new area called enkannomiya. after some exploration, we can get lots of primogems.
Here are the results of how many primogems we will get at least.
The time of Lantern Rite is also Ganyu and Zhongli's rerun, so the free 10 fates are given in the 2nd half of 2.4.


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