Yae Miko or Raiden Shogun? Which One is Worth Pulling in 2.5

Yae Miko or Raiden Shogun? Which One is Worth Pulling in 2.5 - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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Yae Miko will come to see the travelers in Patch 2.5. Raiden Shogun will be rerun in 2.5, too. Both of them are the Electro Characters, which one is better to get? Here are some analyses of them.

If you don't have them both

If you don't have Raiden Shogun and don't have Yae Miko, and you still want to get one electro character, pull Raiden Shogun is better. Because Raiden Shogun is a Support in the team. Electro + Dendero can reduce the defense of the Monsters. What's more, Raiden Shogun can give the Energy Recharging points of the team. 

If you have C0 Raiden Shogun

If you already have had a Raiden in C0, and want to make her in C2, I suggest keeping the Primos for Yae Miko. Yae + Raiden can do more damage than one C2 Raiden.

If you have Tones of Primos and have C0 Raiden

Please make Raiden in C2, and make Yae Miko in C1.

If you are a new player and F2P

Get Raiden Shogun first. Whoever can be the main DPS, but not all main DPS can be the main support. 

If you are the Yae Miko fan

Get the Fox lady! Especially her elemental burst, that looks so cool!

If you love Raiden Shogun more.

Raiden is powerful when she is in C6. Make her in C2, then C6. Raiden is also an Arcon in the game. She won't let you down. 


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