Is it Worth Pulling Kokomi in 2.5?

Is it Worth Pulling Kokomi in 2.5? - Genshin Impact

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Kokomi will be released again in Version 2.5. She is cute and gentle in the story. As a five-star hydro healer, is it worth to pull Kokomin in 2.5?

If you have C0 Kokomi

If you already have had a Kokomi in C0, it is not worth pulling her. Even though you make her in C1 or C2. As far as I am concerned, why not keep these Primos for the future character? No matter C1 or C2, it doesn't make too much difference as C0.

If you don't have Kokomi

Remember Kokomi's role in game: Healer and Support.

She couldn't become the main DPS. There are lots of characters who can replace her as a healer or DPS. She isn't as strong as Child or Hutao. 


Compared with the other characters in Genshin, Kokomi is just in the middle tier, she isn't very outstanding. If you are a big fan of Kokomi, pls get her. Otherwise, is better to save the primogems for the other characters.



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