2.5 Official Special Program Date Details | 2.5 Livestream Time

2.5 Official Special Program Date Details | 2.5 Livestream Time - Genshin Impact

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Happy Lantern Rite. How's the game going, travelers? I got some official news from Genshin Impact on the Chinese Server, let's see what will happen in 2.5 Livestream.

2.5 Special Program PV Time Zone:

According to the official news, it will be from 20:00-21:30, on 04.Feb.2022 (Chinese Time, CET+8, Australia, Hongkong, Philippines, Russia, Sigapore, etc.).

For the Central/Middle European Time is 13:00-14:30, 04.Feb.2022 (CET:  Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo*, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican City).

For the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, UK, Portugal, Ireland, etc.) is 12:00-13:30, 04.Feb.2022.

For Eastern European Time is 14:00-15:30 (EEST: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Northern CyprusShow, Romania, Ukraine, Cyprus, Gaza Strip, Jordan
Lebanon, Syria, West Bank).

For the time in the United States:

  • Eastern Time (UTC-5, EST, New York): 7:00-8:30, 04.Feb.2022. 
  • Central Time (UTC-6, CST, Chicago): 6:00-7:30 04.Feb.2022.
  • Mountain Time (UTC-7, MST, Salt Lake City): 5:00-6:30 04.Feb.2022.
  • Pacific Time (UTC -8, PST Los Angeles): 4:00-5:30 04.Feb.2022.

For the time in Asia:

  • GMT+9 (Japan, South Korea): 21:00-22:30, 04.Feb.2022.
  • GMT+7 (Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao, Mongolia, Thailand and Vietnam): 19:00-20:30, 04.Feb.2022.
  • GMT+6 (Russia time zone 5 - Omsk Time (OMST), Kazakhstan - Almaty Time (ALMT), Kyrgyzstan (KGT), Bangladesh (BST), Bhutan (BTT), British Indian Ocean Territory.): 18:00-19:30, 04.Feb.2022.

2.5 Special Program Details.

This SP will last for 1.5 hours. Normally, the sp is 40min, so what is in the special program?

First, we know that Genshin Impact will have another concert in 2022. So mostly, Mihoyo will lead the travelers on a musical journey. 

Second, 04.Feb.2022 is still in the Chinese New Year time. There could be some fan art or small videos that will be shown in the SP.

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