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Yae Miko Weapon Guide - Genshin Impact

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Hi, travelers. Yae Miko will come in 2.5. Let's see what is Yae Miko's best weapon. And what other weapon we can use for her. I list the best four stars weapon and five stars weapon for Yae Miko. Let's see the details.

Yae Miko can be a half Support and half DPS in the team. If you want to build her as a total DPS or a pure Support, the weapon is important for her.

For Yae Miko's weapon, we should focus on

  • Crit DMG
  • Crit Rate
  • ATK

There are some weapons good for Yae Miko.

Weapon Obtain Details
Solar Pearl Battle Pass The best four stars weapon. If you don't have the other Catalyst, this one can increase the elemental burst and DMG.
Oathsworn eye


The free weapon from Event. It is not so good. But if you don't have the others down the list, try this one.
Sacrificial Fragments Wish This one is not the best. If you don't have a weapon, this one is just ok for her. The weapon can increase Elemental damage.
The Widsith Wish The best free four stars weapon for Yae Miko. Gain a song for 10s once every 30s. Recitative: ATK, Elemental DMG, Elemental Mastery are increased.
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Wish The second-best five stars weapon for Yea Miko. Increase the Crit Rate. If your artifacts are mostly with the Crit DMG, use this one is good.
Skyward Atlas Wish The second-best five stars weapon for Yae Miko. If you got the nice artifacts, this one can help build her as a strong DPS.
Kagura's Verity Wish The best five stars weapon for Yae Miko. However, if you don't get this one from the event banner, try the other five stars weapon are also good. This one could be also useful for Ningguang, Mona.

Here you can see:

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