What's the Different between Aether and Lumine | Character Selection

What's the Different between Aether and Lumine | Character Selection - Genshin Impact

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Lots of new players are confused about choosing the characters at the beginning. Aether and Lumine, which one we should use? What's the difference between their two? Can Lumie and Aether speak?

The Difference and the Similarities

The only difference between them is Aether is the male and Lumine is the female character, and their skills, motions, damage, stats, etc. are the same. Even in the cutscene, their emotions, behaviors are similar.

What's more, if you use the Aether, your running speed could be a little bit faster than Lumie. Because higher characters can run faster in-game. But this wouldn't change too much, because lots of travelers will use the other characters to play. 

The Relationship between Lumie and Aether

They are the siblings. Lumie is the young sister and Aether is the elder brother.

Can the Traveler Speak?

Of course, both Lumie and Aether can talk and speak. Such as the first Cutscene.

In Version 2.5, the main characters have only talked 3 times.

  1. When Venti's gnosis has been taken by Senoira, the traveler shouted "Venti".
  2. Ningguang asked Traveler's wish, he/she replied for attaching some ads for looking for brother/sister.
  3. Challenge Raiden Shogun.

However, if you do some events, Lumie/Aether can speak more than usual. Keep traveling, travelers. 



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