Kokomi or Raiden Shogun? Which One is Valuable and Worth Pulling?

Kokomi or Raiden Shogun? Which One is Valuable and Worth Pulling? - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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Raiden Shogun and Kokomi are the rerun characters in 2.5. Some travelers are confused about pulling whom. Let's see the details that I analyzed.

If you don't have them both

First, we should focus on these two characters' functions. Raiden Shogun is an Electro Support. Kokomi is a Hydro healer.

For the travelers who don't have them both, I suggest pulling Raiden Shogun. Raiden in C0 is very useful and good for the players. No matter in Sprial Abyss or exploration, Raiden is a very strong support.

Healers are not rare. There will be more healers in the future. The healer's role can be easily replaced.

If you have Raiden Shogun

When you only have Raiden Shogun and in C1 or C0, please save the primogems for the future Characters. Raiden Shogun is strong when we pull her in C3. If you really like her and have lots of primogems, you can try pulling more. To be honest, it is not so worth pulling Kokomi in this banner.

If you have Kokomi

If you have Kokomi and no Raiden Shogun, and you want to get a support in the team, I suggest to pull Raiden Shogun. As a support, Raiden is very useful and valuable. 

However, if you are a fan of Kokomi, hope you have nice luck to pull her. 

If you are new Players and F2P

For the starters and free-to-play players, welcome to pull Raiden Shogun. In the deep traveling maps/domains, Raiden shogun is a powerful support.

Making Raiden Shogun in C0 is enough. Save the rest of Primogems for the future Characters.



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