Is it Worth to Pull and Play Ayato? Is Ayato Good in 2024

Is it Worth to Pull and Play Ayato? Is Ayato Good in 2024 - Genshin Impact

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Ayato is a five-star Hydro sward character. Some travelers are not sure if he is worth playing and pulling. Let's see.

If you don't have his sister (Ayaka) or Kazuha, please save the primogems for them. Because Ayaka and Kazuha are much more powerful. Ayato's damage could be in the middle among all five stars, according to the data, he is a good support but not as strong as Kazuha. 

If you want to get a Hydro support, then it is better to save the primogems for Yelan. as a Hydro support. However, you can try to get Yelan instead of getting Ayato. 

There are some positive and negative points of Ayato.


  1. hard to match the party
  2. easy to give the hydro buff on enemies, but hard to react.
  3. Ayato can be playable with another weapon.
  4. The elemental reaction's damage is low in Constellation 0.

In conclusion, Ayato is a good support but not a perfect support, if you like him, just pull him. If you want to get a support, the five-star Hydro Yelan in the future content could be better.

You can pull for him, C0 could be enough, but he is not considered a must-have character.



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