When Will Serenitea Pot Maintenance End | Date and What Happened?

When Will Serenitea Pot Maintenance End | Date and What Happened? - Genshin Impact

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The teapot has been in maintenance since 30.March.2022 (from Patch 2.6). The players can obtain 5000 Realm Currency and 300 Primogems as a return. Lots of travelers are confused: What has happened in the teapot? How long will this maintenance last? What the players can do during the maintenance? I collected some information, let's see the details.

Why does Serenitea Pot have the maintenance?

The maintenance started from 30.March.2022. It was earlier than Ayaka's rerun time. Why the teapot has that long maintenance? I collect some interesting news here. (Not my personal ideas and thoughts) 

  • Covid Restriction. Mihoyo's base office is in Shanghai, China. Shanghai was in a lockdown situation since April. So the staffs cannot go to the offices and continue working. 

  • Politic Issue. The War between Ukraine and Russia affected lots of people. Some travelers were using the teapot to release their anger and worries. China, as a middle-standing country, couldn't allow specific remarks and influence to come up. So the CN government asks the game companies to control their game.

How long will the Teapot maintenance Last?

The official announcement hasn't told the end date. However, we could have some predictable dates here.

Obviously, the Serenitea Pot maintenance would not end in May

If the reason was from Covid, then the teapot could be useable at the beginning of June, when Shanghai ends the lockdown situation. 

If the reason was from the War, the maintenance could be ended around the war ends, or around the aggressive arguments stop.

What can players do during the Serenitea Pot maintenance?

Travelers can still plant the seeds and purchase the items from Tubby and Chubby. It is a good time to finish the achievements of plating the plants. If you don't care about the teapot, just farm some interesting items in the open world. At least,  we can obtain 5000 Free Realm as a reward every week.

Good luck, travelers.



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