Is Yoimiya Good? Is it Worth Pulling Yoimiya? How strong is her in2022

Is Yoimiya Good? Is it Worth Pulling Yoimiya? How strong is her in2022 - Genshin Impact

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Yoimiya is sure will be returned in version 2.8. Some travelers lack of a Pyro main DPS, and some like her stories. However, is Yoimiya still good in 2022? Is it worth pulling Yoimiya? Is It Worth Building Yoimiya?

I made different situations here. Hope they are helpful for you.

For the new travelers

It is good to pull a C0 Yoimiya. Because you don't have other strong Pyro Characters at the moment. And Bow characters have a larger attack range. Once you pull Yoimiya, you will enjoy exploring Tyvat more. 

For the long-time playing travelers

If you have Hutao, Klee or Diluc, it is not worth pulling a Yomiya. Because she cannot increase your team's strength. However, if you don't have these five stars characters, and you don't have C1-C3 Yanfei, you can try to pull one Yoimiya. C0 is enough. Since Yoimiya is strong for the single target, save more primogems for the other characters.

If you have C5 or C6 Yunjin or C2 Jean

C5/C6 Yunjin and C2 Jean can increase the team's attack speed. If you have these two characters, and have some extra primogems, try to pull a Yoimiya. The high-speed attack feeling can make it more fun.

For Yomiya Lovers

No more words. Pull her. ❤️

Do you know Yoimiya rerun banner? Here, you can know it.


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