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Hey Travelers, welcome to watch the Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Primogems Calculation.
I analyzed the primogems' amounts (with all fates and all possible pulls) in each version. Until now, we can see the quantities of primogems are a little bit similar. 

Even though there are only 5 weeks for the new version, travelers can still obtain lots of primogems. So don't worry.

In Version 3.0, Tighnari, Zhong will come in the first half, and Ganyu, Kokomi are in the second half. We can obtain the primogems from test runs, new quests, new events, exploration in Sumeru, daily quests, exchange shop, daily check-in, official special program and maintenance, web page event, spiral abyss, battle pass, and welkin moon. 

Here is the result of the primogems calculation of version 3.0. I think we can get more.

Because of the ley line event and the 5 weeks, we couldn't get as many primos as Inazuma released in ver.2.0. If you are going to pull the future characters, it is better to save some primogems. Thanks for watching and good luck. see you next time~ 


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