Is It Worth Pulling Cyno? Is Cyno Good?

Is It Worth Pulling Cyno? Is Cyno Good? - Genshin Impact

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Cyno is a five stars character in version 3.1. However, some travelers have doubts, if they invest the primogems on Cyno. Is it worth pulling Cyno? Is Cyno strong and good? How many constellations that Cyno need? Here I list the possibilities of pulling Cyno. 

Is Cyno in C0 playable?

When we check the test server data, C0 Cyno is in T1.5. If we conclude the Dendro, Cyno can be in T1. That means C0 Cyno is enough to play. He is a little bit like Itto, who can stand on the battle longer and be the main DPS. After the elemental reaction, Cyno can defeat the monsters in eye-blick.

However, C0 is still the basic satas for Cyno. There is also the nagitive point on constellation 0. Such as lack of energy recharing, no elemental burst =  no damage, etc. 

For the old players or experienced players.

If you have played the game for a long while, it is better to save the primos for the Hutao or Ayaka's constellations, or save the primos for pulling their weapon.

For the new players

Currently you don't have too much resources in the game, and you do not have enough damage dealers in your team. Put a C0 Cyno in your party will be easy in Spiral Abyss. However, if you want to save the primos for the future characters, it is also a good choice.

For the F2P players

One sentence: Saving the primos for the other characters. If you really like him, make Cyno in C0 is enough.

For the Cyno's Lovers

I know the waiting time is too long. You have waited for him almost 2 years. Now it is the day to get him. ❤

Good luck and see you around~




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