Kusanali Nahida or Raiden Shogun? Which One is Better & Worth Pulling?

Kusanali Nahida or Raiden Shogun? Which One is Better & Worth Pulling? - Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, Both Kusanali Lasser Lord Nahida and Raiden Shogun are the Arcons in Teyvat. Kusanali Nahida will be released in Ver3.2, and Raiden Shogun might come after 3.3. So Which one is worth pulling and playing?

Kusanali Nahida or Raiden Shogun?

Both characters are the rare five stars characters in-game, and both of them are the supports in the team. 

For the players who don't have both characters

If you don't have Raiden and Nahida, I suggest pulling both. In Version 3.2, try to pull Nahida first, if you couldn't get her, you can try to pull Raiden Shogun later.

C0 Kusanali Nahida is enough for the travelers . Especially for the beginners, C0 Lessor Lord Nahida and C0 Raiden Shogun are enough. 

What's more, Kusanali Nahida's talent skill can also help the new players to get the items easily.

If you have already pulled C0 Raiden Shogun

You can try to pull Kusanali first in version 3.2. Then pull Raiden Shogun to C2 or pull Raiden's weapon.

Dendro elements could react with Anmo, Cryo and Geo. So that just pull a C0 Kusanali is ok for your party.

If you have C0 Nahida Kusanali

If you already got the Lasser Lord Kusanali, try to save the primos for the C2 Raiden or Raiden's weapon.

If you have played the game for a long while and you are still not sure....

Try to pull Raiden Shogun first, because ver 3.2 is Kusanali Nahida's first banner. After both Arcons banner disappear, Kusanali's banner will rerun faster than the old character-- Raiden Shogun. 

Anyways, good luck!


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