Yelan or Hutao, Which One is Worth to Pull?

Yelan or Hutao, Which One is Worth to Pull? - Genshin Impact

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Since Version 3.4 is coming. Yelan and Hutao are put in the same banner in 3.4 second half. Many travelers are confused about pulling which one. Let's see the analysis.

Yelan or Hutao, who is better?

First, we should know, Yelan is a support, and Hutao is a DPS. They have different elements; one is Pyro, and the other is Hydro. It is hard to compare these two together.

In the story, Hutao as an old character has more interesting stories with travelers. Even though Yelan is new, she is still an essential character in Liyue.

Yelan or Hutao? Which One is worth Pulling?

If you lack a Pyro DPS in your party, pull Hutao.

If you lack a Hydro Support, then go for Yelan.

If you lack both, and want to pull a useful character, I suggest pulling Yelan. Yelan can be matched with lots of Characters in a flexible team. She can increase the damage and decrease the enemy elemental resistance. 

However, pulling Hutao is also a wise choice, she is adorable. If you have already prepared the Pyro artifacts and the staff of Thoma, it is no problem to pull Hutao. Especially in version 4.0, the Hydro Arcon will release in July or August of 2023. The Hydro Arcon will be a powerful Support to the team. Yelan might be not so strong compared with the Hydro Arcon. 

If you have Hutao in C0 or lack a DPS

Pull a Hutao first. Hutao in C1 can deal with more DMG. Since we don't know when she might come for another rerun. The last rerun was in 2021 Nov. If you don't get Hutao this time, you might wait for a long while till her 3rd rerun.

If you are F2P

Pull Yelan as a safe choice. And build your team up in Spiral Abyss. One team can use Xing Qiu, and the other team has Yelan. 

If you are a new traveler

Pulling Yelan is a better choice. Even though I know you might like the cute Hutao with her Hilichurl's song. However, if you want a long-term investment, then remember: Support > DPS.





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