Nahida or Nilou? Advice of Pulling in Version 3.6

Nahida or Nilou? Advice of Pulling in Version 3.6 - Genshin Impact

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Which character is worth pulling in Version 3.6 in Genshin Impact? The new Version 3.6 will come soon. Many players are still hesitating on whether to draw from this banner, so let me analyze it for you below. You can decide whether or not to draw based on your own situation.

Analysis and advice on the priority of pulling from the Version 3.6 banner in Genshin Impact

Is Nahida Good?

As one of the Seven Archons, it is definitely worth drawing her first from a commemorative standpoint. In terms of strength, she is a game-changer for the Dendro system. She has a high energy recharging, and the Abyss T0 team cannot do without her. If you want to focus on building the Dendro Team, it is worth pulling her! 

Is Nilou worth Pulling? Can I Spend the Primogems on Nilou?

As the number one of the Blooming team, Nilou is perfect when paired with Xinhai/Barbara/Xingqiu.She is currently T0 in this version, but she struggles a bit when facing the Ice Abyss Apostle and needs to adjust the team lineup. If you already have Nahida and are going for other routes in the Dendro, you can pull one Nilou if you don't have any hydro support characters! It is very comfortable to have her. However, the high-level constellations in C2 or C6 can deal more damage.

Summary of the order of drawing

Dendro Archon (C2 is the aim) > Ganyu (0-star + special weapon is enough) > Baizhu (0-star + special weapon is enough) > Nilou (0-star + special weapon is enough)


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