Is it Worth Building Kirara? Is Kirara Good? 

Is it Worth Building Kirara? Is Kirara Good?  - Genshin Impact

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As we all know, Kirara will jump into Genshin Impact in Version 3.7. Some players don't know Kirara very well. Is she worth playing? Is Kirara Strong? Can Kirara become a DPS?

How Strong is Kirara?

Kirara is a support. If you are pulling her at least in C2, then your team will get a powerful support. Somehow, the support is always been kept in the team. Kirara couldn't be a strong DPS, but she is a good companion, too. (Paimon smug)

For the Old Players

According to the game setting, Kirara is a shield character. She has a special climbing skill. And this is not unusual for the old players. Such as Venti's Elemental skill, Kazuha's Elemental Skills. What's more, some old players have already got Zhongli. Kirara's Shield wouldn't be so attractive to them. If you are planning to save some gold and materials, don't put too many items on this four-star character.

For the New Players

For some new travelers, it is worth playing Kirara. Especially when you are exploring the new world, Kirara's elemental skill (Climbing) can be very helpful. 
Second, Kirara's shield is still useful to the new players. Since the world is so dangerous, you need Kirara's shield to protect you. Her Elemental skill in level 10 can give the travelers 28.8% HP+3390.63, which is around 12030 Shiled strength points. It is enough for the exploring and in Spiral Abyssal Floor 10.

For the Kirara's Lovers

Even though Kirara is a four stars role, her cuteness is a no doubtable point to roll her. If you get her, shake paws~



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