Kirara or Diona, Who is Powerful? Whose Shield is Stronger?

Kirara or Diona, Who is Powerful? Whose Shield is Stronger? - Genshin Impact

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Even though Kirara is a four stars character. I believe that many players have extracted this role. recently there are some players are asking about Kirara and Diona's shields, which one of the shields is thicker, and whose shield is stronger? Since you want to know, I will give you an analysis today.

Kirara or Diona, Who is Stronger?

If we make both characters' Constellations in Level 10. We can know:

  • Kirara: E skill base value: 18.0% life value cap +2117 (level 10)
  • Diona: E skill base value: 13.0% max life +1524 (level 10)

  As you can clearly see, Diona's shield stats are significantly lower than Kirara's. In terms of shield thickness, Kirara wins.

  But in terms of the battles, Diona is better. After all, Kirara can only shield one character, meanwhile Diona can shield all team members, and Diona's elemental burst also has a blood return effect, making Diona stronger.

Kirara or Diona? Who is Better to Build?

For the Beginners

If you have limited materials and gold, and you have both characters, try to build Diona first. Because Diona can provide HP and Shield at the same time. 

If you are going to explore the Teyvat first, then build Kirara's talent in level 8. And level the rest up till you have enough items in the future. 

If you are going to defeat the monsters in Spiral Abyss, try to use Diona. The frozen Team and the Shield wouldn't let you down on Floor 11. And good luck with Floor 12 as a beginner.

For the F2P Players

If you have both characters, and you have limited Gold. Building these two characters in Talent 9 is enough. Five stars are still better than four stars. 

If you still want to try to make a useful support. I suggest building Diona, if you don't have Zhongli. If you have Zhongli, build Kirara.

For the Cat Lovers



In short, Kirara's shield is better than Diona's. If you simply want to train a shield character, then you can choose Diona. Wish you luck!


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