Undumbara Pistil Location | How to Find All Udumbara Heart Guide

Undumbara Pistil Location | How to Find All Udumbara Heart Guide - Genshin Impact

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Udumbara is one of the mission materials in Genshin Impact. Travelers need the Udumbara to solve the puzzles in Asipattravana Swamp. Udumbara is a little bit like a heart on the cave or the wall. Here I list all the locations of the Udumbara flower. Hope it could be helpful for some new players.

Udumbara Location

There's only one location you can find the Udumbara flowers. It is Asipattravana Swamp. 

There are only six in the game.

Here are the locations.

How to get Udumbara? How to Unlock Udumbara?

Travelers should unlock the main Story quests to unlock the Northwest of Sumeru.

Then obtain the Flower Fairy.

 Steps of Unlock Udumbara:

  1. Go close to the wall, you can see the paint is a "heart".
  2. Use the flower Fairy's Element Skill on it.
  3. Then the "heart" painting is growing up a new flower.
  4. Switch back to the character mode and gather it.

That's the way of gathering all Udumbara and the locations. Have fun!


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