Kirara & Gorou, What's the Relationship? Are they Couple Or Siblings?

Kirara & Gorou, What's the Relationship? Are they Couple Or Siblings? - Genshin Impact

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Kirara has been released in Version 3.7 in Genshin Impact. Kirara is a cat character and Gorou is a doggy character. Both of them come from Inazuma. Some of the new players are curious if they are the couple/ CP or if they have a relation in blood. Here, I will answer this question. 

What's the Relationship between Kirara and Gorou?

The answer is:

There's no relationship between Gorou and Kirara.

Even though many people like doggy and kitty in real. But in-game, they are not CP or siblings.

In Kirara's official trailer, there's no Gorou. Kirara is only a Parcel Courier in Inazuma. 

For the new players, if you see their pictures together like cp or siblings, it must be the Fan-Art. 


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