Stellar-Reunion: Return Reward, How Long Can Obtain Reunion Blessing?

Stellar-Reunion: Return Reward, How Long Can Obtain Reunion Blessing? - Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, if the player does not log into the game for a long time, they will get the "return players' rewards" in Stella Reunion. How long can we obtain the reunion blessing? What are the rewards? Let me tell you about it today.

Stella Reunion: What are the Requirements to Unlock the Return Players' Rewards?


  1. Adventure Rank≥10.
  2. Not logged into the game for ≥ 14 normal days.
  3. You haven't joined the Return of the Stella Reunion event (not including the day of activation) more than 45 days since the last activation. 

All you need to do is meet the above 3 requirements and you will be able to unlock the returners' rewards in the game.

The Rewards in Stellar Reunion

There are five parts of Stellar Reunion:

  1. Direct Rewards after login.
  2. Passage of Time.
  3. Homeward Path.
  4. Reunion Blessing.
  5. Returner's Journey.

The game rewards are reset at 4 a.m. (Server Time / Chinese Time). Please get your rewards soon, returners. Have fun~!


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