Tent Tortoise Location and Drops, How to Kill the Turtle

Tent Tortoise Location and Drops, How to Kill the Turtle - Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, there are also Turtles in the Sumeru desert, called Tent Tortoise. Some travelers are curious if they have the drops. Where to find the Tent Tortoise. How to kill the Tortoise. Here, I can give you the information.

Tent Tortoise Location

There are a totally of 7 Tent tortoises in Genshin Impact. 

  • Temir Mountains: 1.
  • Samudra Coast: 3.
  • Swamp: 3.

How to Kill the Turtles

There is no HP bar for Tortoise in the game, so in theory, the tortoise cannot be killed. But all monsters in the game have one feature - "dissolve when they meet water", so you can kill the tortoise in this way. 

You can use Kaeya to set up the Ice Road and lore the tortoise to the water. When the ice dissolves, then the tortoise is killed.

The Drop of Killing the Tortoise

There are no drops of killing turtles. Maybe you can try to kill it 100-10000 times, miHoYo might put a secret hidden title to reward you. 


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