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Fontaine Release Date | Fontaine Characters | Introduction of Fontaine - Genshin Impact

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Based on the information from Version 3.8 Official SP, we knew some knowledge about Fontaine. Some travelers are still not sure about the release date of Fontaine. What types of characters will Fontaine have?

Fountaine Released Date and Version

It will be Aug 16th, 2023. There's no Version 3.9, we jump to version 4.0 directly. 

Short Introduction of Fontaine

Fontaine is a country in the continent of Teyvat, taking its name from the French town of Fontainebleau, ruled by the Archon of Hydro, Fracalus. The people of Fontaine have the ultimate pursuit of art, fashion, and justice, and possess the most developed light industrial technology among the seven countries of Tivat. The headquarters of Teyvat continent's famous newspaper "Steam Bird Newspaper" is also located in the territory of Fontaine.
At the same time, the Lochfolks are the water relatives from Fontaine. They are living in the mountains, rivers, small pools, and streams of the entire Tivat continent. However, most of them are Fontaine's spies. With the passing of the last Hydra Arcon, many Lochfolks cut off their ties with Fontaine. Rhodeia is one of the most famous and influential of the spies, but she has rebelled against Fontaine. 

Then, Travelers will start the new storyline with Rhodeia before entering Fontaine.

For unlocking Fontaine, you can find the answers here.

The Fontaine Characters

According to the leaks and other information, Fontaine will have 

Here you will know how to unlock Fontaine.


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