Is Kaeeya worth to Build and Play? How to Build Kaya?

Is Kaeeya worth to Build and Play? How to Build Kaya? - Genshin Impact

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Kaeya could be considered a big brother in the Knight of Favonius. He is also the first Cyro character to the travelers. Now Kaeya lacks physical strength and there are not too many travelers build him. However, lots of players are using him to cross the sea or lakes.

Kaeya or Chongyun? Who is better?

If you want to use him as a DPS. Kaeya's damage is too low. However, when we compare it to other characters, his damage is weak. If you want to use Kaeya to be a support, Chongyun can do it better than him. Many players chose to build Chongyun after they got Chongyun. Because Chongyun's ice adhesion lasts longer.

How to Build Kaeya?

Build him as a DPS. Normally, 2x Gladiators + 2 Cryo + 1 Crit DMG or Crit Rite is enough.

Build him as a support. Noblesse Oblige is a good choice.

Is it worth to build Kaeya?

To the new player, if you don't have enough Cryo Characters, then you can build him a little bit. Since you will have more sword characters in the future. Save some materials, pls.

To the old players. If you have the extra materials, try to build him for fun.

To the Kaeya lovers, have fun!


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