How to Quickly Increase Adventure Rank? Level Up AR Fast

How to Quickly Increase Adventure Rank? Level Up AR Fast - Genshin Impact

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When new travelers start this game, the main storyline quests provide a significant amount of experience points, travelers have to follow the main quests up to Adventure Rank 15, and then unlock the other quests.

Additionally, as you progress further in the main storyline, you may find yourself stuck because you need a higher Adventure Rank to continue. At this point, you'll need to explore other methods to gain experience.

Here are some ways to gain experience apart from the main storyline:

  1. Daily Commissions

Daily commissions are incredibly important and can be considered the most critical daily tasks in the game. They not only provide a substantial amount of experience but also grant Primogems, making them a crucial source of experience for leveling up.

  1. World Exploration

Exploring the Teyvat includes activities such as offering to statues of The Seven, solving puzzles, and finding chests, which can contribute to gaining experience. Every chest you open provides experience points. When you can't progress through the main story, treasure hunting becomes a primary source of leveling up. All chests on the map offer experience points.

Leveling up the statues of The Seven requires collecting Anemo, Elector-, Hydroo- or Geoculi to upgrade the statues, which also rewards you with valuable experience.

Additionally, there are dungeons and one-time domains that offer experience rewards. Don't hesitate to tackle them if you can.

  1. World Quests

World quests tend to be longer and sometimes challenging, so be patient. If you find them difficult, you can search for guides online. World quests also offer a substantial amount of experience points.

These methods, in addition to the main storyline, will help you level up your Adventure Rank more quickly in Genshin Impact. Remeber: Main Quests > Chests , Statue >World Quests


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