Is Arlecchino Worth Pulling?

Is Arlecchino Worth Pulling? - Genshin Impact

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Through PV and the story lines, we knew that Arlecchino possesses the Pyro Vision, making her a Pyro character. Some travelers are planning to spend the primos on her. Let's see if she is good and strong.

Is Arlecchino Worth Pulling?

Is The Knave Arlecchino Good and Strong?

The Knave uses a single-handed sword, with a normal attack combo consisting of six strikes.

Her Elemental Skill involves switching to dual blades, allowing her to deal Pyro damage with each attack. During the dual-blade state, she experiences continuous HP loss but gains a 10% increase in movement speed and defense. Attacking enemies also applies a mark, imposing a control effect on them. The Elemental Burst restores a certain percentage of her own HP and deals high damage to enemies within range.

Based on other data analyses, Arlecchino, whether at C0 or C6, is considered a primary Pyro DPS character. At C0, her damage may not be optimal. She is pretty strong and good if you make her in the high constellation. What's more, using Arlecchino's exclusive weapon helps maintain high damage, requiring additional Primogems for weapon pulls.


Is Arlecchino Worth Pulling? 

For beginners, If you like Arlecchino's style and story, pulling her to C0 is an option, and worrying about the weapon can be postponed.

For experienced players, If you have extra Primogems, it's recommended to pull her to C2 and pull for her exclusive weapon.

For F2P players, C0 is a consideration, while C1 with the exclusive weapon is the most suitable. Saving additional Primogems for pulling other characters is also a viable strategy.


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