La Signora In-Depth Identity Backstory Analysis

La Signora In-Depth Identity Backstory Analysis - Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is a beloved open-world adventure game with characters that have captured players' attention. One particularly intriguing character is La Signora, a mysterious and powerful figure whose identity has sparked widespread speculation and research.

Based on in-game clues and player conjecture, we can delve into some analysis and thoughts about La Signora's identity. Who exactly is La Signora? Her origin, purpose, and relationships with other characters have become hot topics of discussion among players. This article will explore the identity of Genshin Impact's La Signora in-depth and attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding this enigmatic character.

Genshin Impact La Signora Identity Analysis

Tags: Witch

Element: Pyro

Hometown: Snezhnaya

Weapon: Catalyst

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La Signora Background Story

These 20 pieces are analyzed from the artifact set "Crimson Witch of Flames". It could be also a side part backstory of La Signora.Genshin Signora

  1. The protagonist is Rusdan, born a tenant, titled as the Young Wolf, then Vice Captain of the Knights of the West Wind and the founder of the West Wind Swordsmanship.

  2. Allendelain is the Grand Master at that time, born into a knight family, known as the Lion of Light, and a close friend of the protagonist since childhood, lacking the Vision of the gods.

  3. Young Wolf Rusdan fell in love with a girl because of her singing voice.

  4. Due to the fall of the ancient nation, countless monsters appeared. The Lion of Light Allendelain led the Knights on an expedition, while Young Wolf Rusdan stayed in Mondstadt. The girl studied abroad at this time.

  5. The dragon Durin attacked Mondstadt, and the Anemo Archon was awakened to fight it, summoning the wolf of the Four Winds, Barbatos. In the end, the dragon fell on the snowy mountain, and Barbatos, tainted by the poisonous blood, sacrificed himself. Young Wolf Rusdan also sacrificed himself.Signora story

  6. When the Lion of Light Allendelain and the girl returned, the calamity had already subsided. When they heard of Young Wolf Rusdan's sacrifice, they were deeply saddened. The Lion of Light never manifested his power again, and the girl burned her life's flame to become the Pyro Witch, hunting down all monsters.

  7. The Chief Executive [Fool] proposed a trade with the Pyro Witch, and after agreeing, the Pyro Witch gained the "power" of the Anemo Archon and became the eighth seat [La Signora].

  8. Rusdan was bestowed the title of Young Wolf at the age of 27, and according to the tradition of the Knights of the West Wind, those who receive the titles of Wolf or Lion will later become the leader of the Knights.Sig

  9. The knight in the Thirsting Freedom set is Rusdan's disciple.

  10. The Hourglass of Thunder in the Pyro Witch set was a gift from Young Wolf Rusdan to the girl while she was studying abroad.

  11. The Brave Heart set tells the story of the Lion of Light and the Young Wolf.

  12. The Lion of Light and the Young Wolf guard Mondstadt, like a shining blade and a dagger, with the Young Wolf once managing an underground organization in Mondstadt.

  13. Rusdan is also known as the shadow of the Lion of Light.

  14. Young Wolf Rusdan served Mondstadt for a total of 23 years.

  15. The girl in the Maiden Beloved set is the first person saved by the knight in the Thirsting Freedom set, and the girl fell in love with the knight.Signora story

  16. The Anemo Flower in the Thirsting Freedom set is a gift from the girl, and the knight has always worn it on his chest. Originally white, it was stained black by blood during the knight's battles.Signora Story

  17. Prolonged fighting made the knight's face become grim, and to prevent the rescued person from being frightened, the knight put on a mask, which is the Crown of Sage in the Thirsting Freedom set.

  18. With the knight stained black by blood understanding that there was no place for him on the ground, he decided to delve into the ruins of the ancient nation, dying in battle against the monsters' breeding ground.

  19. In the depths of the world, he learned the story of the origin of the monsters that caused the end of the ancient nation. How could his knight's way tolerate such injustice? If the Abyss is its name, then I pledge allegiance to the Abyss.Signora

  20. The girl died because of waiting.

The story might be different from the other players' views. If you have other ideas, feel free to leave the message behind. 

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