Is Nahida Strong and Worth Pulling?

Is Nahida Strong and Worth Pulling? - Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact will be featuring a rerun of Nahida in version 4.4, and this character is quite versatile. Any lineup that requires a Dendro character can be complemented by Nahida. If you're a new player and don't have Nahida, you can try to pull for her! Nahida's strength is still quite considerable.

Is it worth pulling for Nahida in Genshin Impact 4.4? Many players are unsure whether to pull for Nahida's rerun or not, so in the guide below, we bring you advice on pulling for Nahida's rerun in Genshin Impact 4.4, don't miss out on the guide below. 😊

Nahida Rerun Pulling Advice Pull

  1. Excellent for Sprial Abyss

Nahida's strength in the Abyss is formidable, with the Xingqiu, and Kuki Shinobu set being a low-investment team that performs well on any floor in Sprial Abyss.

In Teyvat, she excels in clearing small enemies and collecting plants. Nahida is a very useful character.

From miHoYo's business perspective, Nahida, as a strong support, is not easy to be replaced. Her previous reruns had good results: Many travelers like spending money on her. The current Dendro system has only passed one version, so she won't be obsolete too quickly. You can confidently pull for Nahida and pursue her second constellation.


  1. Strength Analysis

Nahida's strengths are evident, and a low-investment in Xingqiu and Kuki's team is sufficient.

Her Elemental Skill allows for long-range photography, making her excellent for remote item collection in the open world. With normal artifact stats, her Elemental Skill can deal around 20,000 damage.

Her Elemental Burst provides a buff in a certain area, offering a significant boost for characters and teams that benefit from high Elemental Mastery.


With a zero Constellation mechanism, you can stop at the second Constellation for casual play. At Constellation 6, she can be a sub-DPS for Dendro reactions in the main DPS role. Here, you can know how many constellations are good on Nahida. Saving your primos for the future characters!

The above is the advice guide for pulling Nahida's rerun in Genshin Impact 4.4. We hope this guide helps all players. If you find this guide useful, please continue to follow us.


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