Chiori Best Build: Weapon, Artifacts, Team

Chiori Best Build: Weapon, Artifacts, Team - Genshin Impact

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In this post, you can find the information about how to build Chiori best. Even though for the new travelers and experienced players, it is a deep guide to build Chiori.

Chiori Best Build

Chiori Best Weapon

For Chiori best performance, the following attributes are essential:

  1. Weapons with high DEF, and then high damage in the team is ideal.
  2. Weapons with high energy recharge, can provide the energy for the Geo team.
Weapon Details
Festering DesireFestering Desire
  • 2nd choice best four-star weapon for f2p. Increase Elemental Mastery, Crite DMG and Crite Rate.
  • Obtain: Version 1.2 Event.
def weaponCinnabar Spindle
  • Best four-star weapon for f2p. Increase Elemental Skill DMG depending on your DEF
  • Obtain: Version 2.3 Event
Harbinger of DawnHarbinger Of Dawn
  • Increase Crit DMG
  • Best 3-star weapon for f2p. 
  • Obtain: Wish.
FSFavonius Sword
  • Good weapon for f2p. Increase Energy Recharge.
  • Obtain: Wish.
weaponFleuve Cendre Ferryman
  • Good for F2P.
  • Increase Energy Recharge
  • Obtain: Fishing in Fontaine.
sbSkyward Blade
  • Good five stars weapon, that gives high energy recharge.
  • Obtain: Wish, and obtaining difficulty is low.
Chiori Rating and Best Builds | Genshin Impact|Game8Uraku Misugiria
  • Best five stars weapon, that gives high damage.
  • Obtain: Character Wish, and obtaining difficulty is low.

Chiori Best Artifacts

From zero to six Constellation, Hustk of Opulent Dreams is the best.
If you don't have Hustk of Opulent Dreams, Golden Troupe is also an option.

For Chiori optimal artifact stats, refer to the following guidelines:

  • Sands: DEF %
  • Goblet: Geo DMG Bonus or DEF
  • Circlet: CRIT DMG or DEF
  • Sub-stats: CRIT Rate / DMG > DEF > ATK
Name Details
The Exile
  • 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%
  • 4-Piece: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for other party members every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack
  • Obtain: All small bosses in the open world, such as Fatui, Cicin Mage, Abyss Mage, Ruin Guard, Helichurls, etc.
DefDefender's Will
  • 2-Piece : DEF +30%
  • Obtain: Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula, Liyue
  • 2-Piece : Increase Elemental skill DMG by 20% 
  • Obtain: Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern, Liyue
Emblem Of Severed Fate
  • 2-Piece: Energy Recharge + 20%
  • 4-Piece: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.
  • Obtain: Momiji-Dyed Court Domain, Yashiori Island located far West of Inazuma City
Noblesse Oblige
  • 2-Piece: Elemental Burst DMG +20%
  • 4-Piece: After using an Elemental Burst, all teammates get +20% ATK.
  • Obtain: Clear Pool & Mountain Cavern, Liyue
HustHusk of Opulent Dreams
  • 2-Piece: DEF +30%
  • 4-Piece: On the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3s. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s. Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus. When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.
  • Obtain: Slumbering Court Domain, Inazuma.
  • The Best Artifacts on Chiori. Suggest 4 Pieces.
GoldenGolden Troupe
  • 2-Piece: Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 20%.
  • 4-Piece: Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 25%. Additionally, when not on the field, Elemental Skill DMG will be further increased by 25%. This effect will be cleared 2s after taking the field.
  • Obtain: Denouement of Sin, Fontaine.
  • The Best Artifacts on Chiori. Suggest 4 Pieces.

Chiori Best Team Build

Chiori's dolls can frequently trigger the targets, resulting in multiple area damage instances. However, those dolls couldn't move like Furina's dolls.

Play Chiori as a Support

If you wanna build Chiori as a support, and spend a long time in the background. This is especially beneficial for C0 Chiori, who can hold the field for a short duration.





Play Chiori as a DPS

If you wanna build Chiori as a DPS, bringing Gorou to enhance damage is still very effective.  Therefore, Gorou's buffs are mostly inaccessible, only obtaining a 20% defense boost most of the time and a 40% Geo Burst damage boost within a Geo team. 

After achieving C1, Chiori becomes a great double Geo teammate, synergizing well with Navia.





In the current version, Chiori's skill damage in a zero-piece setup with a Geo Construct is still considerable. Since Chiori's cooldowns are relatively short, she is heavily reliant on Energy, and after the first Burst, she becomes a general Geo DPS in the background.

The damage is quite substantial, and the increase in damage multipliers from her constellations is noticeable.
Ultimately, when Chiori is in C6, the DPS increases nearly twofold compared to a C0 Chiori. Decide whether to pull for Chiori based on your priorities and resources. I can show you if it is worth pulling Choiri.


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