Character Rerun in Version 4.5 | The Most Possbile Characters Analysis

Character Rerun in Version 4.5 | The Most Possbile Characters Analysis - Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, each version introduces different character banners, and many players are eagerly anticipating the banners for version 4.5. Currently, there's no exact news on which character will be rerun, so we can only speculate on the characters that might be rerun in version 4.5.

Earlier, Genshin Impact announced the new character for version 4.5, which is only one, Chiori. This suggests that in this version, there will be at least three characters rerun. So, which of the current characters have been eagerly anticipated for a rerun?

Old Character Rerun Analysis

Still following the classic 'Time Theory', characters who haven't had a rerun for a long time have a relatively high probability of appearing in the rerun banner. If we take the time from the first banner of version 4.5 as a reference and sort it from longest to shortest, the list is as follows:

Till 20th, Feb. 2024, these characters haven't rerun for a long while:

Albedo (498 days), Itto (442 days), Shenhe (337 days), Nezha (316 days), Ganyu (295 days), Kazuha (253 days), Alhaitham (253 days), Eula (232 days), Klee (232 days), Wanderer (211 days), Kokomi (211 days).

Genshin 4.5

These characters have all been without a rerun for over half a year and have not been featured in version 4.X. There are quite a few of them, indicating that the current pace may not be enough for the dual banners. Many dedicated players eagerly awaiting the rerun of characters like Albedo and Itto have been waiting for over a year.

Do you still remember the opening of the 'First Double UP Banner' in Genshin Impact? Yes, it was in version 2.3, featuring Albedo, Eula, and Itto. And these three characters are all mentioned above. Is there hope for them to become the iconic characters that drive banner upgrades again? There will be a triple event banner soon or later.

Chenyu Vale

Character Banners in 4.5 Analysis

There aren't many characters that haven't been rerun yet, as they are typically rerun gradually in the later stages of the version after being introduced in the initial versions. Lyney, Neuvillette, and Wriothesley are relatively early characters from the beginning of the game, so it's highly likely that one or two of them will be rerun in version 4.5.

From a popularity perspective, currently, Furina and Neuvillette are two very popular characters in the game. By arranging the reruns of these two characters separately, it may better stimulate players' enthusiasm and banner spending. It's too early for Furina's rerun in version 4.5, so it's highly likely that Neuvillette will get the rerun spot.


Albedo, Itto, Shenhe, Ganyu, Kazuha, Lyney, Neuvillette, and Wriothesley all have a high probability of being rerun in version 4.5.

Heavent returned

Among them, Albedo, Itto, and Lyney have a sufficiently long time since their last rerun. If the planners choose to continue hiding them, there are only two possibilities: upgrading the banner change rules or designing an auxiliary character experience boost.

Good DPS

On the other hand, Shenhe, Wriothesley, and Ganyu have special environmental advantages. For example, the new area introduced in the Chenyu Vale, has a weakness that is easily countered by ice attributes. These characters will likely be added to the Spiral Abyss in future versions, providing a good environment for ice teams to excel.

Popular Characters

As for Neuvillette and Kazuha, they are purely considered from a popularity perspective, which can significantly raise the minimum damage threshold for players and are highly ranked in Abyss usage rates.

These are the eight characters that have a high probability of being rerun in version 4.5 according to current speculation. Of course, this is only a very rough analysis, and the actual official arrangement of the banner may not be so hasty. Other considerations must be taken into account, and it's possible that there may be some 'situations that don't conform to previous rules', for reference only.


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