Will La Signora Be a Playable Character? | La Signora Release Date

Will La Signora Be a Playable Character? | La Signora Release Date - Genshin Impact

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Recently, there has been a lot of news about Genshin Impact 2.1. We know that La Signora will be the weekly boss in Version 2.1. She will be the Former Crimson Witch of Flames. However, lots of Travelers ask me, When will La Signora be released? Can we get her in the character banner? Will she become a playable character? How to build her?

I analyzed some information from the official news. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Will La Signora become a playable character?

As far as I am concerned, She couldn't become a playable character. Because in the 1.0 Mondstadt storyline, she has the power of Cryo. In Version 2.1 Inazuma's story, she will become a Pyro character. And She doesn't have the vision, she uses the delusion. Her delusion is for controlling her pyro elements. 

In the 2.1 stories in Inazuma: La Signora wants to defeat Raiden Shougun, but the traveler stops her. Then she burns herself (we are not sure if she is still alive or disappears). Here you can know all the backstory of La Signora.

In the realm of Genshin Impact Game: At the beginning of 2020, Genshin was a 9+ game. Now Genshin Impact is a 12+ Game. It has an age limit. Signora is a hot character. Consider the gov in China, they won't allow the 12+ games to have such a hot playable character. 

From the others: We all know some important character will die. Most of them are guessing that might be Childe. However, I think this character is Signora. So that she wouldn't become a playable character and wouldn't show up in the banner.

Genshin Signora

When will La Signora be released?

According to the storylines and the dropped items by her. Signora will come on 01. September. 2021 of Version 2.1 in Genshin Impact.

If Signora is playable, when will she be released?

If Signora can be playable, she might come to Snezhnaya in 2026-2027. 

However, 90% sure that she will not become a playable character in the story. Please don't save too many wishes for her. 


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