Arataki Itto Release Date | Itto Skills Overview | Itto Artifacts

Arataki Itto Release Date | Itto Skills Overview | Itto Artifacts - Genshin Impact

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Hello, travelers. I collect all details news about Arataki Itto. H

Arataki Itto is a five-star, Geo, Claymore character in 2.3.

Itto Skills Overview and Preview

Elemental Burst & Elemental Skill

Normal Attack & Charged Attack


Itto Release Date

According to the official news, Itto will come in Version 2.3. And the V2.3 will be started on 24.Nov.2021. So Arataki Itto will also be released on 11-24-2021

Itto Level-up Materials and Talent Materials

According to the Beta and the leaks, Itto's Talent items will be dropped by a new boss. That boss will be also come in V2.3.


Itto Weapon Selection. Which weapon is good on Itto?

Itto Artifacts selection


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