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Itto as a main DPS in Genshin Impact, he needs not only the attack damage but also the defense. Which claymore is the best for Itto? Let's see the details.

For choosing his weapon, we should focus on ATK and Defence.

Weapon Obtain Details

Wish Both stats are ATK. It can provide the great DMG. If you get nice Artifacts with Defence, this weapon is good for the beginners. However, Debate Club is only a 3-star Weapon, only for transform.
Craft If you get a nice defense artifacts' set, this one is good for Itto.
Craft If you don't have nice Defense artifacts, this is the best 4 stars weapon for Itto. It can provide the Defense and ATK. 
Battle Pass Can give Itto great Crit Rate. When it in level 90, it can provide 27.6% Crit Rate. 
Exchange Shop If can give Itto 55.1% Crit DMG, even though this is not the best weapon for Itto, the Crit DMG is still good.

Redhorn Stonethresher

Wish This is the best 5-star Claymore for Itto. It has defense and high ATK on it.

For more Itto's information, such as release date, Characters' Skills and Talent, please check it here.



Can wolf's gravestone also be used?


Ive checked and found out wolfs gravestone is a bit better for him but i would still recommend serpent and blackcliff for him.

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