Neuest Code Redeem | Where to Redeem the Primogems Code

Neuest Code Redeem | Where to Redeem the Primogems Code - Genshin Impact

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Hi Travelers, there are lots of ways to obtain Primogems.

Here is the promo code that you will need.

The Neuest Primogems Code


Pirmogems code for Version 4.0 Special Preview.


How to use the primogems code. Where to use them.

There are two ways to redeem the codes.

  1. Official Redeem Website:Genshin Official Code Redemption Website
  2. In-Game: Setting-Account-Redeem Code

There will be 300 primogems and 10 Hero's wits, 50k mora.

Good luck and have fun!

Here you will know how to unlock Fontaine, and Fontaine Release Characters and Date.



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