Is Hutao Worth to Pull? Is Hutao Good? Pros and Cons of Hu Tao

Is Hutao Worth to Pull? Is Hutao Good? Pros and Cons of Hu Tao - Genshin Impact

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In the ever-expanding world of Teyvat, one powerful characters have caught the attention of players – Hu Tao. She offers unique abilities and playstyles, making her intriguing choices for your team. In this article, we will break down the strengths and weaknesses of Hu Tao, helping you decide if she is worth pulling for in your traveling in Teyvat.

Hu Tao: The Blazing Spear of Fire

Character Positioning: Hu Tao is a 5-star Pyro main DPS character, making her an exceptional choice for delivering high damage in your team composition. She excels when paired with Zhongli. In the story, she is also associated with the Zhongli.

Is it Worth Pulling Hutao? Is Hutao Good?

Before we pull, we can see the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. High Damage Output: Hu Tao's Elemental Burst ability is her primary source of burst damage. During the 9-second time frame when she activates her Elemental Skill, she can deal substantial Pyro damage to enemies.
  2. Versatility: Hu Tao can effectively target both single and grouped enemies. Her strengths are most pronounced in offensive scenarios.


  1. Low HP Requirement: Hu Tao's playstyle relies on maintaining her HP below 50% to maximize her Pyro damage bonus, making her less suitable for support roles. Pairing her with a shield support, like Zhongli, is crucial.
  2. Skillful Play Needed: Mastering Hu Tao's heavy attack animation cancel (commonly referred to as "charge attack cancel") requires practice to optimize her damage output. It involves executing charged attacks while minimizing recovery time between attacks.
  3. Chasing Enemies: When engaging agile foes, Hu Tao needs to chase them, disrupting her damage rhythm. Some enemies' evasive behavior can challenge her damage output.

Hu Tao's Constellations offer solutions to these issues. Her first constellation, "Crimson Bouquet," prevents charged attacks from consuming stamina during her Elemental Skill, making her playstyle smoother.

So if you are new to the game, and don't have too many primogems, I suggest saving the primogems for future characters. 

If you have already got Zhongli or Xingqiu/Yeland, and have some extra primos, you can try to pull her.

Is it hard to build Hutao?

Normally, if you have her weapon "Staff of Homa" and the Artifacts "Crimson Witch of Flames", it is not hard to build her. However, four-star weapons can be viable options if you don't have a "Staff of Homa." 

Here you can see more builds about Hutao, Weapon, Talents, and Teams.

When deciding to pull Hutao, consider your preferred playstyle and team composition. Hu Tao excels in delivering fiery AoE damage and crowd control. The choice ultimately depends on your preferences and objectives in Teyvat. Good luck!

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