How to Allocate Crown of Insight | Who Better to Use Crown?

How to Allocate Crown of Insight | Who Better to Use Crown? - Genshin Impact

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Even though they are no longer as rare as they were during the game's launch, Crowns of Insight are still precious resources. It's essential to allocate them carefully since using a single Crown requires 70,000 Mora and other valuable materials. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain Crowns of Insight and the best ways to allocate them.

What is the Crown of Insight?

In Genshin Impact, the "Crown of Insight" is a valuable material used for upgrading character talents. It's a resource that many players, especially newcomers, often struggle to allocate due to its significant impact on character performance. While Crowns of Insight can be scarce initially, over time, players accumulate more of them through events and specific exchanges.

How to Obtain Crowns of Insight (Sagehood)

  1. Limited-Time Events: Every game version typically features one major limited-time event, which offers Crowns of Insight as rewards.

  2. Promotional Codes and Special Rewards: Sometimes, promotional codes or special in-game events provide Crowns of Insight as part of the rewards. Keep an eye on official announcements and events for opportunities to earn these valuable items.

  3. Tree Enhancement rewards: 

Mondstadt Dragonspire Frostbearing Tree's Gratitude.

Liyue Chasm Lumenstone Adjuvant

Inazuma Sakura Tree.

Sumeru Tree of Dreams.

Fountain of Lucine.

When to Use Crowns of Insight?

Crowns of Insight serve a singular purpose, which is to increase a character's Talent level to the maximum level, often referred to as "Level 10." This upgrade provides a significant boost to the skill's damage output and is a direct increase in your character's combat capabilities. The percentage increase to the skill's damage output is not diluted by other abilities or weapon effects, making it a substantial damage boost.

Who Better Use Crowns of Insight?

It's important to note that Crowns of Insight are a valuable and limited resource. Prioritizing your main DPS characters is generally the most efficient use of these Crowns since they provide the most direct and substantial damage boosts. After your main DPS characters are adequately upgraded, you can consider using Crowns on support and sub-DPS characters to further optimize your team's performance.

  1. Priority for Main DPS Characters:

    Crowns of Insight are most effective when allocated to your main DPS characters. These are the characters that deal the most damage and are typically used throughout battles. Upgrading their skills to Level 10 with Crowns directly enhances their damage output.

    Examples include Hu Tao and Eula, who rely on their normal attacks for their primary damage source. Allocating Crowns to upgrade their basic attacks to Level 10 can significantly boost their damage output. Characters like Ayaka, Tartaglia, and Raiden Shogun, who rely on their Elemental Burst for damage, can also benefit from Crown upgrades, particularly for their Burst abilities.

  2. Strong Support and Sub-DPS Characters:

    Some support and sub-DPS characters like Xingqiu, Bennett, Sucrose, and Albedo rely heavily on their Elemental Burst or Elemental Skill abilities to enhance the team's performance. Increasing these skills' levels to the maximum through Crowns of Insight can significantly amplify their effectiveness, improving your team's overall damage and utility. Bennett, for example, can provide higher attack bonuses and healing when his Burst is leveled up with Crowns.

  3. Specialized Damage-Boosting Supports:

    Certain specialized support characters, such as Venti, Fischl, or Zhongli, can enhance the damage output of your main DPS character. Upgrading their skills to Level 10 with Crowns can maximize the damage-boosting effects of their abilities, making your main DPS even more potent.

In conclusion, Crowns of Insight are crucial resources for improving your character's combat capabilities in Genshin Impact. Allocating them wisely, primarily to your main DPS characters, will help you build powerful teams capable of taking on challenging content in the game. Remember to choose your characters and their skills carefully to make the most of these valuable items and enhance your gaming experience in Teyvat.



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