Wriothesley Best Guide: Weapon, Artifacts, Teams In-Depth Guide

Wriothesley Best Guide: Weapon, Artifacts, Teams In-Depth Guide - Genshin Impact

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Wriothesley, the Duke of Fortress of Meropide. As a 5-star Cryo character, Wriothesley's primary role is a support DPS character, relying on his Elemental Skill (E) Wriothesley uses the catalyst.

This guide will delve into his talents, constellations, weapon and artifact recommendations, and team compositions.

Wriothesley Build Guide

Character Introduction

Name: Wriothesley

Birthday: November 23rd.

Rarity:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Element: Cyro ❄️ 

Weapon: Catalyst 

Role Ranking: Main DPS

First Release: Version 4.1, Oct 2023

Wriothesly Rerun

Talent Introduction

Normal Attack 

Every hit of Wriothesley's normal attack (A) deals with Cryo damage. When using his normal attack on the surface of water, he quickly freezes a thin layer of ice on the water's surface. This adds another method for crossing bodies of water with "Frozen Waters."

What makes his normal attacks stand out is that they are a series of punch-based moves known as "Repulse Punches." These stylish Repulse Punches are Wriothesley's primary means of dealing with damage, making them a priority for talent upgrades.

There are five stages in his normal attack sequence. Each hit on an enemy inflicts Cryo damage, with the exception of the fourth stage, which hits twice. This means that a full combo of normal attacks delivers a total of six hits. The cryo application follows a cooldown of approximately 1.5 seconds. Hits from the normal attack that possess cryo application can apply a Cryo status (weak cryo) to enemies.

When continuously using normal attacks, if you interrupt by using E or sprinting, the combo counter for Wriothesley's normal attack won't reset. This mechanism aligns with the playstyle of a boxer who moves opportunistically, dodging and aiming between attacks. In practical combat, this mechanic enhances Wriothesley's maneuverability. It's especially friendly for unleashing the highest damage fifth stage of his normal attack sequence but requires consistent, swift execution, as the intervals are quite short, and it should be performed seamlessly.

  • Charge Attack

Every hit from his heavy attack applies Weak Cryo to enemies.

In terms of single-hit damage multipliers, the heavy attack boasts the highest multiplier among Wriothesley's talent abilities. However, under normal circumstances, the heavy attack is not his primary means of dealing damage. The main reason for this is that, in normal conditions, each use of the heavy attack consumes 50 stamina, which cannot sustain continuous heavy attacks.

Upon reaching character level 20 "There Shall Be a Plea for Justice" and unlocking his first ascension passive talent, it optimizes the stamina consumption and provides a damage bonus mechanism, turning the heavy attack into one of his primary means of damage output.

Plunging Attack functions similarly to other catalyst characters. It can be triggered by using A when in mid-air or freefall. In practical combat, this is not frequently used, as it is not a primary means of damage output and lacks auxiliary mechanics. It can be overlooked.

  • Elemental Skill: Icefang Rush

Wriothesley's Elemental Skill, Icefang Rush, is similar to Yoimiya's Elemental Skill. It lacks direct damage capabilities and primarily serves to enhance his normal attacks (A).

Upon using this skill, he enters the "Chilled Punishment" state, commonly referred to as "E state," which is indicated by a visual icon (the dog-head symbol) displayed on the screen.

In this state:

  • Wriothesley gains resistance to interruption (Crowd Control effects).

It's important to note that this resistance isn't particularly strong and won't withstand powerful attacks that send him flying. Even when combined with resistance from Xingqiu's Elemental Skill (Gentle Rain), it still won't effectively prevent being interrupted. To improve the smoothness and playability of Wriothesley's normal attacks (A), it's advisable to pair him with a character who can provide shields.

  • When Wriothesley's health is above 50%, his normal attacks (A) receive a damage multiplier.

This damage bonus only applies to his normal attacks (A) and requires him to maintain his health above 50%. This bonus works similarly to Yoimiya's Elemental Skill. It increases the damage of his normal attacks (A), meaning it multiplies the damage from the elemental skill by the normal attack damage multiplier.

From the information provided, it's evident that prioritizing the upgrade of his normal attacks (A) over his elemental skill (E) leads to a higher overall damage multiplier. Therefore, focusing on upgrading his normal attacks should be the priority. If you have a Crown of Insight to spare, it's recommended to use it on either his elemental skill or normal attack. However, if you can only upgrade one of them, the normal attack should take precedence.

❄ The term "Crown of Insight" refers to the items used to upgrade talents from level 9 to 10 when there's no constellation effect present. Here you can find more information about the Crown of Insight.

  • Elemental Burst

Wriothesley's Elemental Burst, Darkgold Wolfbite, unleashes a series of attacks against enemies within a frontal area. These attacks occur over a 0.5-second period, totaling five instances of damage. The first and fourth instances apply a weak Cryo status (ice) to enemies they hit. This means the first and fourth instances can trigger reactions, such as Melt. In the case of Melt, it's essential to understand that you need two instances of Cryo (ice) before it can consume one instance of Pyro (fire).

Once these five damage instances are completed, there is an additional delay of 0.5 seconds before Wriothesley's Elemental Burst deals one instance of damage with "Abiogenesis."

While Wriothesley's Abiogenesis damage is considered Cryo damage, it does not have the ability to apply Cryo status (ice).

To trigger Wriothesley's Abiogenesis damage, you must use his Elemental Burst (Q). This particular design choice may discourage players from considering the Shimenawa 4-piece set bonus, as it relies on shielded characters to trigger the set's additional 35% normal and charged attack bonus, and Wriothesley's playstyle focuses more on freezing and shattering elemental reactions. However, we will talk about the best artifacts on him later.

Constellations Overview

Wriothesley's constellations enhance his mechanics and provide damage benefits, optimizing his playstyle.Talent Wriothesley

  • C1: Terror for the Evildoers

Suggest getting it if you really want to improve his damage.

When a character within the AoE of Wriothesley's Elemental Burst deals Cryo damage to an enemy, it reduces the cooldown of his Elemental Burst by 2 seconds. It's a handy ability for more frequent Burst usage.

  • C2: Shackles for the Arrogant

In this constellation, Cryo application by Wriothesley has a 15% increased crit rate against frozen or Cryo-affected enemies. It's a great boost to his damage output in scenarios where enemies are frozen.

  • C3: Punishment for the Frauds

It decreases the cooldown of Wriothesley's Elemental Burst by 15%. This reduces the downtime of his Burst ability, allowing you to use it more often.

  • C4: Redemption for the Suffering

When Wriothesley's Energy is lower than 35%, the crit rate of his Elemental Burst is increased by 10% and its energy cost is decreased by 10. This constellation helps with energy management for Burst uptime.

  • C5: Mercy for the Wronged

It increases the level of Wriothesley's Elemental Burst by 3, which enhances the Burst's damage output.

  • C6: Esteem for the Innocent

Suggest to get it if you really love Wriothesley.

When Wriothesley is under the effects of Frozen Justice's Cryo rate bonus, the cooldown of his Elemental Burst is reduced by 15%. This constellation allows for more frequent use of his Burst when in Cryo-focused scenarios.

Best Weapon

For Wriothesley's weapon, we should focus on

  • Crit DMG
  • Crit Rate
  • ATK

There are some weapons good for Yae Miko.

Weapon  Description
CashflowCashflow Supervision
  • The best Five-star weapon. If you don't have the other Catalyst, this one can increase the elemental burst and DMG.
  • Obtain: Character Event Wish
Skyward Atlas
  • The second-best five stars weapon for Wriothesley. If you got the nice artifacts, this one can help build her as a strong DPS.
  • Obtain: Normal Wish
Lost PrayerLost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  • If you don't have the other Catalyst, this one can increase the Crit Rate. You can only focus on building his Crit DMG.
  • Obtain: Normal Wish
Scarificial JadeSacrificial Jade
  • The one of the best four-star weapons. If you don't have the other Catalyst, this one can increase the elemental burst and DMG.
  • Obtain: Battle Pass
Solar Pearl 
  • The one of the best four-star weapons. If you don't have the other Catalyst, this one can increase the elemental burst and DMG.
  • Obtain: Battle Pass
Oathsworn EyeOathsworn eye
  • The free weapon from Event. It is not so good. But if you don't have the others down the list, try this one.
  • Obtain: Event
Sacrificial Fragments
  • This one is not the best. If you don't have a weapon, this one is just ok. The weapon can increase Elemental damage.
  • Obtain: Wish
The Widsith
  • The best free four-star weapon

for him. Gain a song for 10s once every 30s. Recitative: ATK, Elemental DMG, Elemental Mastery are increased.

  • Obtain: Wish
  • The good free four-star weapon

It can give the ATK. Once you have good Artifacts.

  • Obtain: Craft

Wriothesley primarily relies on his Normal Attack (A) as his main source of damage, with his Charged Attack (heavy attack) serving as a secondary option. All of his damage multipliers are based on his own attack stat. Therefore, weapons that provide sub-stats like Critical Rate, Attack %, or Cryo Damage Bonus, along with damage bonuses for Normal and Charged Attacks, are well-suited for him.

Each weapon offers different values and sub-stat bonuses, so you should choose a weapon based on the stats you need to optimize Wriothesley's performance.

Best Artifacts

The Artifacts stats that we should focus on:

  1. Crit DMG
  2. Crit Rate
  3. ATK %
  4. Elemental Mastery
  5. Energy Recharge

Main Stats on the Artifacts

  • Sand (ATK)
  • Goblet (Cryo DMG)
  • Circlet (Crit DMG/Crit Rate)
Artifact Name Details


  • 2-Piece: Crit Rate +12%.
  • Obtain: All small bosses in the open world, such as Fatui, Cicin Mage, Abyss Mage, Ruin Guard, Helichurls, etc.

Brave Heart Artifact

  • 2-Piece : ATK + 18% 
  • Obtain: Domain of Guyun, Southeast of Liyue

Wanderer's Troupe

  • 2-Piece:  Elemental Mastery +80
  • 4-Piece: Charged Attack DMG +35%

Blizzard Strayer

  • 2-Piece: Cryo DMG Bonus +15%
  • 4-Piece: Using a Charge Attack within 10 seconds of defeating an enemy costs no stamina and deals +50% damage
  • Obtain: Peak Of Vindagnyr Domain, Dragonspine

Thundering Fury

  • 2-Piece: Normal and Charged Attack DMG +15%
  • 4-Piece:  When current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 12% for 5s. Max 3 stacks.
  • Obtain: Domain Golden Troupe, Fontaine
  • Best artifacts on him

Shimenawa's Reminiscence

  • 2-Piece: ATK + 18%
  • 4-Piece: Casting an Elemental Skill, if the character has 15 or more Energy, they lose 15 Energy and Normal/Charge/Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 50% for 10s. This effect will not trigger again during that duration.
  • Obtain: Momiji-Dyed Court Domain, Inazuma
  • If you like using the "e" skill more. You can try this.

Best Team

Wriothesley can fit into various team compositions, and it largely depends on the playstyle and elemental reactions you want to focus on. Here are three possible team directions to consider:

①Melt Composition (Pairing with Pyro)

  • DPS Wriothesley (Cryo)
    • Wriothesley serves as your Cryo DPS, focusing on Normal Attacks (A).
  • Pyro DPS (e.g., Diluc or Klee)
    • Pyro characters can trigger Melt reactions with Cryo.
  • Hydro Support (e.g., Xingqiu)
    • Xingqiu can apply Hydro to enemies, which combines with Cryo for Melt reactions.
  • Healer/Support (e.g., Barbara or Bennett)
    • A healer like Barbara or a support character like Bennett can provide healing and additional utility.

Pure Cryo Composition (Double Cryo)

  • DPS Wriothesley (Cryo)
  • Cryo Support (e.g., Ganyu or Qiqi)
    • These characters can provide Cryo application for Cryo resonance.
  • Cryo Sub-DPS (e.g., Rosaria or Chongyun)
    • Additional Cryo application and damage.
  • Healer/Support (e.g., Jean or Diona)
    • A character who can heal or provide utility.

③ Freeze Composition (Pairing with Hydro)

  • DPS Wriothesley (Cryo)
  • Hydro Support/DPS (e.g., Mona or Kokomi)
    • Hydro characters can trigger Freeze reactions with Cryo.
  • Cryo Support (e.g.,Shenhe or Diona)
    • Additional Cryo application.
  • Healer/Support (e.g., Kazuha or Venti)
    • A healer or support character for added utility.

Remember that the success of your team composition also depends on your artifacts, weapons, and the specific roles each character plays in the team. Adjust your setup based on your preferences and available characters.

Good luck!



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