Tonia Release Date | Stars, Character Element | All About Childe's Sis

Tonia Release Date | Stars, Character Element | All About Childe's Sis - Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, Tonia and Tartaglia (Childe) have a sibling relationship, as revealed in Tartaglia's story quest, where he expresses a strong fondness for his sister.

So, when will Tonia officially be released? What star level and element does she have? What weapon does she use? Today, I'll summarize the official information from Genshin Impact to share with everyone.

Tonia Release Date | Stars, Character Element | All Information About Childe's Sister

Prediction of Childe's Sister's Release Date

As Childe was introduced early on as a Liyue character but is originally from Snezhnaya, his sister Tonia is associated with Snezhnaya. Since Version 5.0 is expected to introduce Natlan (the Pyro Nation), Tonia, being from Snezhnaya, will likely appear after 5-6 versions, around 5.5-5.6, or beyond January 2025. She might be released after Mai or Jun in 2025.

What dose Tonia Look Like?

Tonia, as the 3rd youngest child in the family, her character design colors will be somewhat similar to Tartaglia's. So if you are interested in Tonia, you can see lots of Leaks, such as Tonia character design drafts and constellation information, might surface around January or February 2025. 

Right now, I couldn't get more information about this character. If Genshin wants to make something funny and interesting, Tonia could be like this: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Just for fun)

Tonia look

Tonia's Character Attributes Analysis

Considering Childe is a Hydro character with a passionate personality, Tonia, being his sister, is likely to have an opposite, colder personality. Given the thematic element of Natlan being associated with Pyro, she might have a high probability of being a Anemo, Cryo or Pyro character. Childe's enthusiasm in battles, as seen in his story, suggests that Tonia could be an elemental counterpart that complements his abilities.


Star Rarity | Is Tonia a Five-Star Character?

Considering Childe is a 5-star DPS character, Tonia, as his supportive sister, is less likely to be another DPS character of the same level. Given her supportive role and the fact that 5-star support characters are relatively rare, Tonia is more likely to be a 4-star support character.

In summary, Tonia is anticipated to be introduced in Genshin Impact as a 4-star support character, complementing Childe's role in the game. Since now it is 2023 and 2024, there might be some changes after the miHoYo Market Strategies.


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