Is Xiao Worth Pulling?

Is Xiao Worth Pulling? - Genshin Impact

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Recently, there has been news of Xiao's rerun, and many players are eager to know about Xiao's strength. Today, let me give you some information, how strong is Xiao, is Xiao good and worth playing. For players who are still unclear, take a look! As a character introduced during the Lantern Rite Festival in Genshin Impact, Xiao attracted considerable attention from players during his initial release. 


Is Xiao Worth Pulling? Is Xiao Good? Pulling Suggestions

Xiao's Strength Analysis: Is Xiao Worth Pulling For?

Xiao is an Anemo (Wind) character, and his strength is still considerable in the current version in 4.0 and 5.0.

Xiao's performance is heavily influenced by the environment. He excels against groups of enemies, but faces challenges against single targets. This was a reason for his lower appearance rate previously, but currently, he is still quite effective. If you are going to pull him and build him, try this Xiao's best build. You can make your Xiao also strong easily as an F2P!

Xiao serves as a front-line character with sufficient damage output. His damage multiplier is high, and his Elemental Burst provides a damage bonus with a long duration, allowing for substantial sustained damage.


Xiao's Pulling Recommendations

If you lack a second team's main DPS character, pulling for Xiao is a must. Xiao is versatile in many scenarios, and his playstyle is enjoyable, providing a comfortable experience in the vast world, especially with his aerial mobility.

If you don't lack damage output, and your team composition is sufficient, then pulling for Xiao may not be necessary. After all, a damage-dealing character is optional, as long as your existing DPS characters are meeting your needs.

Xiao is not a utility-focused character, so pulling for him is not strongly recommended. Some players like him, some are not. While some players may be curious about his height, it doesn't diminish players' affection for him. If you're eager to know how tall Xiao is, here is the most comprehensive and authoritative information. It depends on your team composition. In conclusion, Xiao is a main DPS character, and if you already have enough main DPS characters, it's not advisable to pull for him. 

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