Dressing Room Event Preview| How to Unlock | 1.6 Leaks

Dressing Room Event Preview| How to Unlock | 1.6 Leaks - Genshin Impact

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Sources from Discord Hutao's Corner and the Test Server.

Here are some details of the Dressing Room.

It is the necessary way to unlock the new skin of the characters. Such as Bikini skin.


The Dressing Room has a blue background.

Event Stories

Travelers have to finish 6 different stories to gather the exchange coupons. 

We can not unlock them all at the same time. About 2-3 days a story.

Conch Voice

There are some newly added Echo Shell in the event. Unlock different stories to hear the new Conch Voice.

Event Guideline Page Preview

Unlock the event, and gathering the items to exchange the 4 stars' skin. The first one is Barbara's skin.

Since they are all on Test Server. We will have it around summer in July or August.

More news is coming~

How to Get the Costume

According to the news, Jean's Costume needs to pay. Barbara's is free.

Here: The way to unlock the Dressing Room and Preview (Seawear Beachwear Bikini Dressing Room).

Here: Barbara's Costume Preview. Summertime Sparkley

Here: Jean's Costume Preview: Sea Breeze Dandelion


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