News: Jean Costume Sea Breeze Dandelion | Bikini Swimwear | 1.6 Leaks

News: Jean Costume Sea Breeze Dandelion | Bikini Swimwear | 1.6 Leaks - Genshin Impact

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Jean Costume: Sea Breeze Dandelion

Jean Costume Story: Dream of sea breeze

Acting head of life is like a mechanical gear, driven by heavy responsibilities, in the heavy work of decay. In the long run, the "armor" cast by the knight code gradually blends with Qin's skin. It has become a habit to maintain proper clothes and show people the image of formal clothes.

But Qin's age is almost the same as that of an ordinary girl.

Girls love it. Gorgeous clothes are as indispensable as the stars on a sunny night. More extravagant descendants of the responsible family are sitting in a spacious wardrobe like a palace. Long skirts and skirts are overlapping, and the waves of fabrics are rolling. Perhaps Qin had a romantic vision, who does not yearn for the beauty of qiluozhu shoes?

Now Qin's wish has been met, and she has got the most suitable summer dress. The weight of this body alone is far greater than the thousands of costumes in the novel.
"It's said that the original proposal came from Barbara. She and Lisa searched all the stores and found the most suitable swimsuit." Kaya actually talked to diruk before he hired craftsmen to improve the design properly.

"The cloth is selected by Amber and used in the experience of making Earl rabbit. It's very comfortable, but it's not too heavy." among the gems used in the ornaments, there are also collections of abetto and Cory

"Noelle is in charge of the tailoring. Every stitch and thread is just right."

The detailed size was also provided by Lisa. She even sewed such a beautiful rose ornament herself. The gift carefully made by people for Qin became an unprecedented surprise.

If we say that the last holiday was a rest in her busy schedule, this trip to the seaside is a coincidence, which makes Qin relax completely.

The body posture after removing "a" is as light as a floating dandelion, with faint light under the sea light. "It's the first time that I've had such a comfortable summer vacation."


Different Look of Jean's Costume in Different Server


This CN server means the mainland in Chinese Server. However, it is not the Asian Server. 

Let's hope the CN server wouldn't affect the Global Server's looking.

How to Get and Unlock

According to the news, Jean's Costume needs to pay. Barbara's is free.

Here: The way to unlock the Dressing Room and Preview (Seawear Beachwear Bikini Dressing Room).

Here: Barbara's Costume Preview. Summertime Sparkley

Here: Jean's Costume Preview: Sea Breeze Dandelion



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