News: Barbara Costume Summertime Sparkley | Bikini Swimwear

News: Barbara Costume Summertime Sparkley | Bikini Swimwear - Genshin Impact

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Hey Traveler, according to the news, we will get Barbara and Jean's Skin Costume at first. 

Now we only have two Bikini or swimwear/Beachwear news.

More will come in the future.

Barbara Costume: Summertime Sparkle

Story of Barbara's Costume Shining Concerto

Barbara's dancing and singing is to heal everyone's heart. But very occasionally, Barbara, who brings a smile to everyone, also feels lonely. Like girls of the same age, I want to go shopping with close friends and spend warm time with my family. Such a small wish may be simple for others, but it is a little extravagant for her.

As an idol, going out is always besieged by over enthusiastic fans. It's not easy to get home to reunite with relatives. The warm time with parents and sisters is always so short. The excellent and busy sister is always entangled in business. Every time Barbara wants to tell her something, she is always unable to speak because of the mountain of work she is doing.

My sister's tiredness was obvious, and Barbara saw it. I can't help it. Jean gunnhild is the acting head of the team But, if possible... Can I have my sister back? " Looking at her toiling sister, Barbara whispered to herself.

It was then that Barbara heard about the wonderful islands. Summer, island, ocean... Is this the right opportunity? In summer, there should be cool soda, sweet freezing point, golden sand beach, blue sea water and people playing in the water. Yes, sand beach, sea water! That's it.

To go to the seaside, you have to be prepared. You have to bring snacks and candy. By the way, there are spicy dried fish. They are all packed in lovely yellow duck bags and clothes! I have to change into a light swimsuit. This short skirt feels very good. The white flowers on the shoes are also pretty. Besides, it seems more lovely to tie a bow on the collar?

La la la la la la, Barbara has been singing happily.

However, my sister will never have time to prepare swimsuit, right? It's a little annoying, but there's no way. " Is Miss Lisa free? I'd like you to pick out a dress. " Barbara smiles and knocks on the library door.

How to Get and Unlock

According to the news, Jean's Costume needs to pay. Barbara's is free.

Here: The way to unlock the Dressing Room and Preview (Seawear Beachwear Bikini Dressing Room).

Here: Barbara's Costume Preview. Summertime Sparkley

Here: Jean's Costume Preview: Sea Breeze Dandelion


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