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Lots of travelers are confused if it is worth pulling Yae Miko, if she is good and strong. I put all the details and analysis of Yae Miko, here you can see more.

How Strong is Yae Miko?

Before pulling Yae Miko, we should know some basic states of her damage. Here is a table of her level and her damage.

Yae Miko is strongly based on her elemental damage. Building her Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and Elemental Mastery is the first choice.

Here you can see Yae Miko Best Artifact and Yae Miko Weapon Selection Guide.

If the travelers build her in the right way, she can be a strong character on the list.

Is Yae Miko Good in the Team?

If you have Xiangling and build Xiangling, then pull Yae Miko. She is strong when reacting with the Pyro element. What's more, the CD of both Xiangling and Yae Miko is similar. So you can use Xiangling's Elemental Burst and then use Yae in the fights.

If you have Raiden Shogun, you want to build an electro team. It's better to get a Yae as a team DPS. Raiden Shogun can give the elemental recharge (same as Xiangling).

If you don't have Raiden Shogun, then leave her. Compared with the Raiden, Yae Miko is a DPS role. Raiden Shogun is a Support role. Here you can see Raiden Shogun or Yae Miko, Character Selection Suggestions.

Yae Miko


Raiden Shogun


Yae Miko


For the New Players

The new travelers who can obtain Fischl freely in the game, if you want to explore more, and haven't unlocked Inazuma, it is not so worth pulling Yae Miko. Since you need to do 2-5 days' main quests and characters' quests and solve the puzzles to unlock the Enkanomiya. It will destroy the game's enjoyment.  

For the Old Players

Yae Miko isn't so strong if you don't have the right artifacts and weapons. Once you prepared, you can try to pull her. If you don't have the interests, I suggest saving the Primogems for Raiden Shogun (If you don't have one), or for Ayato, Kazuha, Ayaka in the future. 

Yae miko

For the Yae Miko's Lovers

If you like Yae, no matter which level you are, PULL HER!



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